Trsianska Spajchna

Date: 05. July 2020 | Place: Trstene, Slovakia | Series: Cvyklo Cup

Trstianska Špajchňa is the second round of the Cvyklo Cup MTB series. The venue is Trstené. The race has 4 routes, which are divided into categories. The maximum number of competitors is limited to 100, as with the Odor Cycle, so don’t hesitate and register as soon as possible. More information below.

Trstianska špajchňa was created as an idea in 2017. After the Filištín 2017 race, the idea arose to organize something similar in our picturesque village Trstené. So I opened google maps and started to invent a track around our area… I incorporated a few hills, slopes and places with beautiful nooks, where I like to bike and connected it to a reasonable circuit. And this is how the track was created… Then just think about the good name so that it captures the village and it has a cycling cveng… and at that moment it illuminated me, it will be Trstianska pantry. A few enthusiasts got together and a hill of willing people to help organize. The whole village was on its feet… And so in July 2018 Trstianska špajchňa was born.

The race is included in the MTB series for the Liptov Cup Cvyklo Cup (2nd round) Venue: Trstené Municipal Office, Liptovský Mikuláš District

Date: Friday 5.7.2020Organizer: Obec Trstené

Race director:

Jakub Mikuláš,,

PARKING: At the football field Trstené

Registration for the race and information on the link:

Google Drive

Presentation on the day of the race Friday 5.7.2019 from 7:30 to 9:30.
Location: KD Trstené
Entry fee: 10 € adults, juniors 3 € children

The price includes snacks after the race and goulash

Maximum total number of starting competitors: 100 (Špajchne route)
Each participant starts at his own risk.

More information about the race can be asked at


Špajchňa track – 20.9 km: 10:00 am (604 m elevation gain)
Track Children’s races – by category: 10:10 am
Start and finish of the race – Trstené Municipal Office
There are no refreshment stations on the tracks

Mini – girls, 2015-2014
Mini – boys, 2015-2014
Small children – girls, 2013-2012
Little children – boys, 2013-2012
Younger students – girls, 2011-2008
Younger students – boys, 2011-2008
Older students – girls, 2007-2004
Older students – boys, 2007-2004
Juniors, 2003-2001
Juniors, 2003-2001
Women, 2000-1980
Men, 2000-1980
Veterans, 1979 and older
Veterans, 1979 and older

The category will be open for min. 5 competitors, otherwise it will be merged with another category.


Announcement of the best competitors in individual categories.
Announcement of the best “cross-country” competitors (understand outside Liptov)

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