Tour de Filištín

Date: 25. July 2020 | Place: Jakubovany, Slovakia | Series: Cvyklo Cup

7th year of mountain bike racing in the Baranec microregion.

Date of event:

Saturday 07/27/2020


Jakubovany Sports Complex, Liptovský Mikuláš District


Registration for the race at the link

Presentation on the day of the race from 8:30 to 9:30.

Track interpretation: 09:50

Maximum total number of starting competitors on the track Filištín: 120

Each participant starts at his own risk. The organizer is not responsible for damages and injuries to the competitors.


Start Filištín – 10:00 am

Start Detský Filištín – right after Filištín, categories from the youngest to the oldest

Evaluation Filištín, Detský Filištín and Cvyklo Cup – 13:00

The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of the race without prior notice.


There are no refreshment stations on the tracks.

The organizer reserves the right to change the tracks without prior notice.

Entry fee:

2 € – track Detský Filištín (cat. Mini – Older Pupils)

10 € – track Filištín (cat. Juniors – Veterans)

Payment in cash on the spot on the day of the race.

The price includes snacks and drinks at the finish line, increased heart rate and beautiful views 🙂

Note: Starting numbers will be issued at the presentation with straps.

The start numbers must be affixed from the front to the handlebars and the bicycle representative.

At the finish, the competitor will return the number to the organizer and receive a voucher for refreshments (drink and food).


Mini – girls, 2015-2014

Mini – boys, 2015-2014

Small children – girls, 2013-2012

Little children – boys, 2013-2012

Younger students – girls, 2011-2008

Younger students – boys, 2011-2008

Older students – girls, 2007-2004

Older students – boys, 2007-2004

Juniors, 2003-2001

Juniors, 2003-2001

Women, 2000-1980

Men, 2000-1980

Experienced Women, 1979-1970

Experienced men, 1979-1970

Veterans, 1969 and older

Veterans, 1969 and older

The category will be open for min. 5 competitors, otherwise it will be merged with another category.


Announcement of the best competitors in individual categories.

Announcement of the best domestic competitors

Announcement of the winners of the Cyklo Cup


In the municipal park Jakubovany.

Track map
The competitor follows the direction signs and instructions of the organizers on the tracks. We provide GPX records to competitors for an approximate idea of ​​the tracks.

Filištín track – 27.7 km, elevation gain 753 m

Juniors, Adults, Experienced, Veterans

Track Children’s Philistine

Young and Older Students, Younger 3 km (1 round), Older 6 km (2 rounds)

Mini Filistin

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