Sheep Breeding

I was thinking about some original things a visitor can experience during the vacation in the Region Liptov. Here are many things to do and I write about the possibilities how to spend your holiday actively here. However those things I write there about are widely propagated and everybody can find it everywhere on the internet in 5 minutes.

But what exactly is interesting to experience here and what really belong to this region is traditional sheep breeding. The history of sheep breeding in Liptov goes back to 17th century when East-Carpathian shepherds of sheep came here. During the history and different regimes in Slovakia occured some tendencies to modernise this traditional cheese and milk production via mechanical milking stations, but despite these efforts the traditional sheep milk and cheese production persisted.

In the Liptov we have several “sheep farms” (salaše). It is in quoted, because salaš cannot be exactly translated to english to keep the same meaning. A salaš consists of two or three cottages situated near the meadow at the top of the hills, many times far away the civilization and surrounded by the forests and mountains. These are the bests salaš, no travel agency offers you in the Liptov. You must have a local friend or somebody who can show you the best of them. The sheep milk and cheese are the best you have ever had – guaranteed! No chemical additives, pure cheese from the sheeps kept in the deep nature.

These shepherds are tough guys, because they must milk more than 200 sheeps and protect them of bears and wolves whose sometimes attack on sheeps from the forests. So as a foreigner to find these “sheep farms” you definitely need somebody who can show you this wonderful part of this region and provide you the possibility to taste the best sheep milk products ever.

I see many agencies those propagate attractions for masses those everybody can reach and experience. But none of them will guide you through the best parts of the region which include also traditional sheep breeding in the unknown “sheep farms” – salaše!


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