Project – Idea – Bike Routes For Everyday Riding

Awesome cycling routes

This website was created to provide information for tourists who came to Liptov on holiday and want to ride in the surrounding forests on a mountain bike. But also for the locals, who still ride the same routes to show them various options, where you can ride a mountain bike in Liptov everywhere. On most routes, you can also ride a gravel or cross-country bike, although it is more uncomfortable and demanding in certain sections. The principle of the website is to provide visitors with different routes according to their condition and time possibilities. The website offers a wide selection of bike paths for every day.


The authors of the site are natives from Liptov, who rode Slovak XCM marathons and trained in the surrounding mountains, so they know the various options where you can ride and which circuit or route to choose according to either time or strength. Due to the massive logging in Liptov, there are very many weighbridges and forest roads, which on the one hand offers many opportunities for off-road driving, on the other hand, many of these roads are blind. On the bikemap you will find many possible routes that users clicked on, but from my own experience I know that many of them are unfeasible for either a blind forest road, which the user did not know when clicking on the route at home and then did not edit the route after the trip, or time travel overgrown or destroyed due to logging. On this page, we will advise you on guaranteed routes, where you will not be disappointed that you cannot complete the planned circuit that you found on the bikemap, because it is unrealistic with regard to the current situation.

GPS Tracking

For those who have a cycling computer with GPS (Garmin, etc.) it is possible to record the route to the device and go accordingly without getting lost. For others who have at least a smartphone, they can of course use it as well, but the accuracy somewhere deep in the forest is already worse compared to cycling computers.