Pachova Cyklovacka

Date: 27. June 2020 | Place: Hybe, Slovakia | Series: Cvyklo Cup

“Pachova cyklovacka” is an MTB marathon, which takes place in the village of Hybe and belongs to the Cvyklo Cup series. The start and finish are behind the football field, the race has three routes, which partly follow the former cross-country ski trails. The maximum number is 100 competitors, so if you want to participate, do not leave the registration at the last minute.

Date: Saturday 27.06.2020

Venue: Cross-country skiing area (cross-country trails) Hybe, Liptovský Mikuláš district

Registration: Place: TJ TATRAN Hybe (ski building by the football field)

Registration for the race at the link:

Presentation on the day of the race from 8:00 to 9:30. Track interpretation: 09:50
Maximum total number of starters on the “Red Track” – Cyclo cup: 100
Each participant starts at his own risk. Cycling helmet is mandatory for all categories!

10:00 am: red track („… 1300 hrmených…“) – Juniors, Juniors, Men, Women, Veterans, Veterans
10:10 am: yellow track („… lindaj, lindaj…“) – children’s categories from mini to younger children, in 5min. intervals one after the other
11:00 am: blue track (“sem put a whip here”) – older students, older students
from 11:05 am: blue track („… oné…“) – recreational cyclists (without timing – „na pohodu“)
Evaluation: 13:00 – “red track”
1:30 pm – “yellow and blue track”

The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of the race without prior notice.

Red track (“… 1300 thunder…”)

  • intended for categories evaluated in Cvyklo cup (Juniors, Juniors, Men, Women, Veterans, Veterans)
    parameters: length 19.9 km, elevation 541 m
  • the track can also be completed by recreational cyclists (without measuring the time and presence of checks and after the race of registered cyclists on the Red Track, approx. From 11:05)

Yellow track (“ind lindaj, lindaj…”)

-designed for children’s categories from mini to younger children, in about 5min. intervals one after the other

  • length and difficulty of the track adapted to the youngest categories (from 1- to max 2.5 km with a slight corrugated profile – cross-country tracks)
  • competing children will be checked the technical condition of the bike before the start
    (condition for admission to the start are two, fully functional brakes !!)

Blue track (“sem put a whip here”)

  • intended for older students and older students
  • The blue track is also intended for recreational cyclists (“… that…”), who can walk the final kilometer to the finish on public roads
  • Recreational cyclists go without timing
    parameters: track length – 10,6 km, elevation gain 268 m

There are no refreshment stations on the tracks.
The organizer reserves the right to change the tracks without prior notice.

Entry fee:
Red track: 8 € – when registering online

                        € 12 – upon registration on site, on the day of the race

                         € 2 – all other participants

(you can find the bank account number on the HERE page)

Maximum number of 100 competitors

The price includes refreshments and drinks at the finish, raffle draw, knowledge of the “Pach” area, views of the panorama of the Western, High and Low Tatras and more

Mini – girls, 2015-2014
Mini – boys, 2015-2014
Small children – girls, 2013-2012
Little children – boys, 2013-2012
Younger students – girls, 2011-2008
Younger students – boys, 2011-2008
Older students – girls, 2007-2004
Older students – boys, 2007-2004
Juniors, 2003-2001
Juniors, 2003-2001
Women, 2000-1980
Men, 2000-1980
Veterans, 1979 and older
Veterans, 1979 and older
The category will be open for min. 5 competitors, otherwise it will be merged with another category.

Announcement of the best competitors in individual categories.
Announcement of the best domestic competitors (Hybe, East)
Children’s start numbers (yellow track – „… lindaj, lindaj…“), will be included in the raffle, where the main prize is BICYCLE from the main sponsor


  • at the TJ Tatran Hybe football pitch (at the multifunctional pitch)
  • Road to the treatment plant
  • at the House of Culture in the center of the village

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