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Bike Route 26 – Tichá and Kôprová Valleys

Parameters: Length: 103 km. Ascent: 1235 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB, trekking, gravel. Difficulty: 5. Estimated time: 9 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

In this track we wisit two untouched valleys in the High Tatras. First half of a track is, except short descent, steadily uphill. Secont half of a route is except some short climbs steadily descending.

From Liptovsky Jan continue in direction to Rackova Walley and on the road we pass villages as Podturen, Jamnik, Vavrisovo. The whole track is designed to get off the main roads and asphalt roads. So only a very limited number of thi this routes you can find and 95 percent leads on a dusty and forest roads. However roads in the aiming valleys – Tichá (quiet) and Kôprová (dill) are asphalt so on the one side it is easy to ride even on a gravel bike, on the other side it is less interesting. However the surrounding nature in the Ticha and Koprova Valleys are so beautiful that that overweight this deficit.

At the end of Ticha Valley is located a cottage, but it is not open for public, so no option to make a lunch break, and in Koprova Valley neither, but at the end of this valley is nice waterfall worth to see it.

After reaching the ends of these valleys we are descending to settlement Podbanke and from there we continue via market cycling path eading via the forest to village Hybe. The route is gravel paved so, not a hard technical descend. In the front of village we turn right and after a short climb we via dusty road pass village Dovalovo and town Liptovsky Hradok and on the bank of the river Bela and Vah and via singletrails we get back to Liptovsky Jan.

Roughly 103 kilometers long route with 1235 height meters climbed, but the terrain is not such hard, so you can ride it on gravel or trekking bike. However, you need good physical condition, due to the lenght of the track.

Bike Route XX – Hardcore!

Parameters: Length: 159 km. Ascent: 2988 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 5. Estimated time: 10 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

This is route for very experienced and well trained cyclists on the one side it requires riding technique and on the other side also big amoung of physical ability to go trhough in a one day. Of course, route is designed so, that you can drop off some parts and shorten total distance, but ride it whole is a challenge.

At the beginning we make a circruit on a singletrails around villages Liptovsky Jan and Zavazna Poruba. Then we continue from Liptovsky Jan with ascent on the hill Kastielske Lazy, compared to other hills on the track this is just a warm up, so keep panic ;). We downhill through Vislavce to Liptovsky Hradok, downhill is partly on a wide forest road and singletrails, but it is technically demanding, so be aware. Along the bank of the river Bela we continue to the town district Dovalovo where we climb via former ski slope to the top of the hill above village and we can enjoy awesome view on the High Tatras and Upper Liptov Region. First 26 kilometers are behind us so, its time to relax a little.

Through some up and down dusty roads we get to village Hybe and from there we cross the river Biely Vah and continue on a forest road to the railway station Vychodna. If we are here during the week we can refill our bottles and buy some refreshments. In the front of us is 6 kilometer long steep climb to Saddle Muransko, but mainly leads on a paved forest road so, no technically demanding.

What is technically demanding is downhill from the Saddle Muransko to lower reservoir Cierny Vah and same named forestry settlement. It leads by a blue-marked tourist path so it is narrow and steep. As we reach settlement, we climb above the Valley Ipoltica and on the parallel road with walley we reach Valley Dikula at which end follows ascent to hill Panska Hola. However, the whole track to Panska Hola from the settlement is more or less uphill with lenght 11 kilometers.

From the top of the hill we get into Valley Benkovo and downhill 14 kilometers down the valley. We are again in the settlement and now continue through the Valley Ipoltica, but now at the end of this valley we do not turn left to Valley Dikula, but right to Valley Raztoky. 14 kilometer long climb to the Saddle Pod Velkym Bokom follows, the beginning is mild, but the ending is steep with few serpentines.

In the front of us is technical downhill to the Valley Hodrusa, from where we get to Maluzinska Valley and then to local pond. This roller coaster sections leads on a paved roads so nothing technically demanding can not surprise us, but only physical exhaustion. Do not worry, follows 8 kilometer long downhill and village of Maluzina where we can take a break and get some lunch in local motorest.

In front of us are only 30 kilometers, but two high hills. First challenge is climb to Svidovske Saddle followed by the hill behind the Cottage “Pred Bystrou”. In total 17 kilometer section with 12 kilometers of climbing and 5 kilometers of downhill between hills. Here we get to the second highest point of the route and from now on only 10 kilometer descent to Liptovsky Jan follows.

Bike Route 21 – Forestry Settlement Čierny Váh

Parameters: Length: 87 km. Ascent: 1252 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 5. Estimated time: 7 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

First 17 kilometers of this track can be called as a “transit”. We need to get to the mountains around the forest settlement Cierny Vah. As we reach the village Svarin, we turn left and climb to the upper reservoir of water power plant with the same name as the settlement. You can here enjoy awesome view and take a break after 8 kilometer steep climb.

Then we descend one kilometer and turn right to get on the forest road leading to Saddle Muransko. To reach this saddle we need to go through the tourist paths and technical terrain so be prepared. As we reach the saddle, we continue with a downhill along blue-market tourist path to the lower water reservoir and the forestry settlement Cierny Vah. Here we can find a former station of small forest railway.

In the of us is 17 kilometer uphill passage leading on a paved road forest roads and old asphalt. At the end we reach lowely meadow on the hill Panska Hola where we can take a rest or descent to village under to take a lunch (count with climb back then). We continue along the ridge of this hill and then follows descent to Valley Benkovo. We pass several cottages and at the mouth of the valley we reach old asphalt road. Here we turn left to get back to forest settlement Cierny Vah. Along lower water reservoir, where is also a possibility for fishing, we get back to Liptovsky Hradok and then Liptovsky Jan via a local paved roads.

Bike Route 12 – The All-Day Trip

Parameters: Length: 130 km. Ascent: 2727-4664 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 5. Estimated time: 10 hours. Start: Liptovský Ján

The parameters of this trip speak by itself 130 kilometers and 2727-4664 altitude meters. It is an all-day trip, everything included. It will look like a never-ending story, but it will end and you will be definitely glad that you rode it. Guaranteed.

We set off from Liptovský Jan to village Závažná Poruba along a field road, ride past a mountain hotel and get to the singletrails. Here we will ride for a while and make a round. Then we will return by the second singletrail again behind the hotel and descend to Liptovsky Jan. From there we continue along the thermal spring Kaďa by climbing to Kaštieľske Lazy. After the ascent, we ride down the technical forest road to Vislavice and from there to Liptovská Porúbka.

Here we will immediately turn around and take a challenging 5-kilometer climb to Brtkovica. Before the top, we turn left and cross the beautiful Michalovo Valley, where if it is warm outside, we can cool down pleasantly at the descent. Follows the ascent to the saddle above the Old Valley (3 km). After a 5-kilometer descent down the Old Valley, we set off through a pioneer camp on a forest path leading along the river Biely Vah to the village of Východná. Get ready for a 10-kilometer gentle climb to the train station in the village of Východná. Here we can buy some refreshments because a steep 5-kilometer climb is in front of us. Under the upper water reservoir of power plant Čierny Váh we turn left to forest path and ride down the blue hiking trail to the lower water reservoir of the Čierny Váh power plant. There is also a forest settlement of the same name and the remains of an old forest railway.

This is followed by a slight ascent along a forest road over the Ipoltica Valley. Then the descent and along the bad-condition asphalt road, which later turns into a forest road, we get to the Saddle below the Veľký Bok. Here we can relax at a local cottage and enjoy the unique view on the whole Liptov region. Alternatively, if you want, you can try to go to the hill Veľký Bok, which is only a kilometer away. Along the way we pass several huts and a water reservoir where we can cool off.

From the saddle we continue downhill to the Hodruša Valley and then to the Malužinská Valley. We ascend to vater reservoir in the end of the Malužinská Valley. Now follows well-deserved descent down the valley to the village of Malužiná.

Here we can eat in the local restaurant or buy something and continue to the last phase. We have passed 100 km and over 2500 altitude meters. Now follows the ascent to the Svidovké Saddle from the other side. The beginning is along the asphalt road, but it is steeper than from the other side. Later, a gravel road follows and the profile softens. We can relax on the top of Svidovké Saddle and enjoy the views. There is also a water spring for refilling water.

From here we can go down to Liptovský Ján, if you enough for today, but if you want to complete the whole challenge, we go up the blue tourist route, where we get to the second highest point of this route. There is a tourist shelter on the top, so we can relax before the 13-kilometer descent to Liptovský Ján. And we’re at the end. A deadly 130 kilometers are behind us. The climbed meters are 2727 according to the bikemap, but 3450 is also mentioned, and even up to 4664 meters according to other bike route pages!