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Bike Route 25 – Old Forest Railway

Parameters: Length: 89 km. Ascent: 1456 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 4. Estimated time: 6 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

This route leads us to the Eastern Low Tatras and mainly to valleys around villages Vychodna, Vazec and Cierny Vah. We get to the Saddle Muransko, we pass sheep farm behind village Vazec and local cave open for public. In front of us are around 90 kilometers with almost 1500 ascended meters.

The road begins with mild terrain and plain passages, leading mainly along dusty roads and singletracks. In the first 30 kilometers is no serious climb, then follow some rollercoaster passages via which we get to village of Vazec. We pass local sheep farm and visit a village for a while, then we turn back and aim to the forest behind the village.

Follows plane passage at the which end we reach Valley of Cierny Vah. From now we go behind the water reservoir and start steep climb to Saddle Muransko. Only 3 kilometer climb but very physically demanding, partly leading on a tourist blue-marked path so be prapared for walking. As we reach the saddle, we continue along the ridge and reach a cottage, from now we go straight and as we reach an asphalt road under the upper water reservoir we turn right and downhill to the village Svarin and then Kralova Lehota.

In Kralova Lehota we turn left and along the ain road we get to the mouth of the valley Michalovo. In the front of us is a uphill section along the valley to the top of the hill Brtkovica and Stanisovske Saddle. From now we continue on a yellow-marked tourist path to Stanisovska Valley. Attention, first 200 meters of the downhill from the saddle is extremely dangerous so go on foot.

At the mouth of Stanisovska Valley we reach Janska Valley, here on the crossroads we turn right and continue down to Liptovsky Jan. On this crossroads is a mountain hut and a publicly open cave so you can buy some refreshments and visit a cave.

Nice track full of awesome viewpoints, however, physically very demanding, so it is recommended for trained cyclists.