Slovakia and Liptov Region – Forgotten Paradise

As I travel around the world and talking to people, one of the first things on what they ask me is: Where are you from? And here begins my saddness when I see, that almost nobody even heard of this country, despite it is in the European Union and even one thousand kilometers away from […]

Caves in Jánska Valley

I knew about that particularly Low Tatras behind the villages of Liptovsky Jan and Demanova have limestone character. For limestone mountains is typical that in these types of mountains occur numerous of caves. In these mountains are opened for public 3 of them, but the most interesting parts of these caves and other much more […]

Kvacianska and Prosiecka Valleys

These valleys belong to the most beautiful parts of the region Liptov and you must visit it when you are here on a vacation. I pepared from you detailed description and a bunch of photos to underline my statement. The almost 4 km long Prosiecka dolina valley is deeply embedded between the massive mountains of Lomno and […]