Bike Routes 24 – To the Svarínska Valley, Ipoltica and Settlement Čierny Váh

Parameters: Length: 78 km. Ascent: 1346 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 4. Estimated time: 7 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

Via forest roads and some singletracks we ride through Valley Vislavce to village Liptovska Porubka and then across the fields by a dusty road we reach the village of Kralova Lehota. From there we continue on an asphalt route to village part named Svarin and then after little uphill we reach lower reservoir of water power plant Cierny Vah.

Here our track changes direction and we do not continue along the bank of the water reservois but we aim to the deepest forest on our right hand side. In the fron of us is 7 kilometer long hill and we climb around 600 height meters. As a payoff awaits us 10 kilometer downhill section on a paved and unpaved forest roads at the end of which we reach forestry settlement Cierny Vah. If you have enough from here we can along the bank of lower reservoir ride back to civilization or continue with a 9 kilometer long uphill to the Saddle Muransko.

As we reach Saddle Muransko, we continue straight on the ridge of the mountain (do not descend, you will get lost). After one kilometer we reach mountain hut behind which we continue on the forest road with mild uphill under the upper water reservoir. If you want to enjoy the view, as we join asphalt road, turn left and climb roughly 2 kilometers to the top.

Attention, we downhill only 2 kilometers along this route, then we turn right and continue on a unpaved forest road. Follows 12 kilometer long mild downhill. At the end we cross the river Biely Vah and through dusty roads and singletrails we get into the center of Liptovsky Hradok. Throught the recreational area Borova Sihot and local singletrails behind it we return back to Liptovsky Jan.

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