Bike Route 9 – Singletrails

Parameters: Length: 43 km. Elevation gain: 1026 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB, gravel, trekking. Difficulty: 3. Estimated time: 3 hours. Start: Liptovský Ján.

Today we will go on a local singletrails. We start in Liptovsky Jan and through the field road we get quickly to Zavazna Poruba. From here we continue in direction Low Tatras. We go around mountain hotel Tatrin and after a short steep climb we get on a local singletrails. We have two options we can choose easier yellow or longer and more technical green trail. At the end we get to the same asphalt road to the mountain hotel. We go again around this hotel but then we continue with a steep descent to the Liptovsky Jan.

From the village we continue with the 5 kilometer ascent to the top of the hill Kastielske Lazy. At the top we turn left and we enjoy 10 kilometer technical descent to the valley Vislavce and then through singletrail we reach swing bridge at Borova Sihot. Through the banks of the river Vah we get to the village Liptovska Porubka, pass the local farm and continue on a field road leading across lovely meadows behind the village.

After the reach of the main road and several crossroads we get to the Cottage “Red Corner” where we can taste the local cuisine. After the lunch break we continue via the road behind the cottage. We reach chaple above the village of Dovalovo which offers us amazing views. After this break our route continue on the road behind the chaple which leads us to the local singletrails in “Castle Mountain”.

We make a circle and go through the all singletrails in this mountain and at the end we enjoy crazy downhill down the ski slope. We get to the village and through the field road leading along the wild river Bela we get to Liptovsky Hradok. From now on awaits us only more 4 kilometers on a main road to Liptovsky Jan.

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