Bike Route 5 – Žiarska valley, WWII Monument, beautiful views

Parameters: Length: 43 km. Elevation gain: 928 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB, gravel, trekking. Difficulty: 3. Estimated time: 3.5 hours. Start: Liptovský Ján.

From Liptovsky Jan we aim to the city Liptovsky Mikulas where we turn to the direction – High Tatras. After a short climb on asphalt road we get to the village Veterna Poruba. We go around the local farm and continue to the High Tatras. Via a field road across the meadows we get to the foot of the Mountain Baranec. Through the short passage in the forests we get on the asphalt road which leads through the Ziarska valley. At the end of the road we reach the cottage where we can relax, get a lunch or a good beer. It will definitely be well-earned reward for this 15 kilometers climb without a break.

After this lunch break we continue by a descent to the mouth of Ziarska valley and then turn right and via the gravel and forrest roads we get to the lovely meadows above the village Ziar. Through the offroad descent we get to the village Ziar. Follows around 2 kilometer descent to the village Smrecany where we get out of the main road and aim to the WW II monument about the city Liptovsky Mikulas. From here we have awesome view on the whole panorama of region Liptov.

Via the technical steep descent we get to the city where we cross the river Vah and alond the left bank of the river we continue to the Liptovsky Jan.

I am Johny Liptovsky and I am pouring this water from love and honest heart to serve to health. Beauty and health come from water springs in Liptovsky Jan.

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