Bike Route 4 – Hard!

Parameters: Length: 46 km. Elevation gain: 1502 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 4. Estimated time: 4 hours. Start: Liptovský Ján.

Along the field road we get to the village Zavazna Poruba. We pass this village and aim straight to the mountains, we go around the mountain hotel Tatrín and after short but intensive climb in front of us occurs a steep descent back to the village Liptovsky Jan. After this tricky beginning we calm down by steady climb via the Janska valley. It is about 10 kilometers ascent to the cottage “Pred Bystrou”.

Here we can relax a while and then continue our climb with next 5 kilometers to the Saddle Svidovo. At the top of the saddle is a tourist shelter so we can cover in case of bad weather.

After the climb awaits us a 10 kilometers descent (gravel and asphalt) to the mouth of Michalovo valley. After the first 3 kilometers follows 2 kilometers of serpetines to the top of the hill. After a 1 kilometer of descent we can stop and enjoy a amazing view from the meadow surrounded by the forrests.

Follows 3 kilometer descent to the end of village Liptovska Porubka. Here we turn to the left and continue with climb along the Vislavce to the top of the hill Kastielske Lazy. It is around 3 kilometers climb by a solid forest road through the a deep forest full of bears and wolves :D. At the top we turn right and in front of us is well-earned descent right to the village Liptovsky Jan, where we have started.

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