Bike Route 26 – Tichá and Kôprová Valleys

Parameters: Length: 103 km. Ascent: 1235 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB, trekking, gravel. Difficulty: 5. Estimated time: 9 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

In this track we wisit two untouched valleys in the High Tatras. First half of a track is, except short descent, steadily uphill. Secont half of a route is except some short climbs steadily descending.

From Liptovsky Jan continue in direction to Rackova Walley and on the road we pass villages as Podturen, Jamnik, Vavrisovo. The whole track is designed to get off the main roads and asphalt roads. So only a very limited number of thi this routes you can find and 95 percent leads on a dusty and forest roads. However roads in the aiming valleys – Tichá (quiet) and Kôprová (dill) are asphalt so on the one side it is easy to ride even on a gravel bike, on the other side it is less interesting. However the surrounding nature in the Ticha and Koprova Valleys are so beautiful that that overweight this deficit.

At the end of Ticha Valley is located a cottage, but it is not open for public, so no option to make a lunch break, and in Koprova Valley neither, but at the end of this valley is nice waterfall worth to see it.

After reaching the ends of these valleys we are descending to settlement Podbanke and from there we continue via market cycling path eading via the forest to village Hybe. The route is gravel paved so, not a hard technical descend. In the front of village we turn right and after a short climb we via dusty road pass village Dovalovo and town Liptovsky Hradok and on the bank of the river Bela and Vah and via singletrails we get back to Liptovsky Jan.

Roughly 103 kilometers long route with 1235 height meters climbed, but the terrain is not such hard, so you can ride it on gravel or trekking bike. However, you need good physical condition, due to the lenght of the track.

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