Bike Route 23 – Kvačianska Valley

Parameters: Length: 65 km. Ascent: 900 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB, trekking, gravel. Difficulty: 3. Estimated time: 6 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

Along the bank of the river Vah we get to Liptovsky Mikulas from where we continue with ascent to village of Veterna Poruba. From now, next 15 kilometers follow up an down passages like in the roller coaster leading across dusty roads and paths between lovely meadows. This is followed by forest passage.

At the end of this passage we downhill to village of Kvacany and reach the mouth of well-known Kvacianska Valley. Here awaits us rocky sections and narrow paths of this valley, but the effort spent on this climb will be payed off by awesome views on the rocky walls and water mills located in the valley.

As we reach the most tourist interesting part of this valey – water mills, we continue to crossroads and turn left, follows 2 kilometer climb on a rocky path and we reach village Velke Borove. Through a old asphalt road we transfer to small mountain village Huty from where we enter Kvacianska Valley from the other side. In the front of us is 7 kilometer long downhill section and then via side roads pass villages Benusovce, Liptovsky Trnovec and we join cycling path in Liptovsky Mikulas.

Along this path and main road we get back to Liptovsky Jan. Today 65 kilometers and 900 climbed meters. Nice route for intermediate-trained cyclists.

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