Bike Route 22 – Jánska Valley and Pioneer Camp

Parameters: Length: 60 km. Ascent: 888 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB, trekking, gravel. Difficulty: 3. Estimated time: 4 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

In this route, we don’t even leave Liptovský Ján and we find ourselves in Jánská Valley, which we climb 11 kilometers until we find ourselves on Svidovské Saddle. Along the way, we pass a crossroads with the Stanišovská Valley, where there is also a cave of the same name open to the public. Further in the valley we can find a waterfall and beautiful formations of the limestone mountains of the Low Tatras.

In the last part of the ascent we pass Cottage “Pred Bystrou” where the last point of civilization ends, from here we are already in the wilderness. On the top of Svidovské Saddle, we will stop for a moment and enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains. After a break we can continue with downhill to the Svidovská Valley.

As we reach the mouth of the Svidovska Valley, we continue on a main road to the Cottage Red Corner. Here we can stop for a lunch break or continue next behind the cottage and make a circruit behind villages Dovalovo and Hybe. As the end of this circruit we get here again and continue by the main road to Liptovsky Hradok, and then back to Liptovsky Jan.

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