Bike Route 21 – Forestry Settlement Čierny Váh

Parameters: Length: 87 km. Ascent: 1252 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 5. Estimated time: 7 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

First 17 kilometers of this track can be called as a “transit”. We need to get to the mountains around the forest settlement Cierny Vah. As we reach the village Svarin, we turn left and climb to the upper reservoir of water power plant with the same name as the settlement. You can here enjoy awesome view and take a break after 8 kilometer steep climb.

Then we descend one kilometer and turn right to get on the forest road leading to Saddle Muransko. To reach this saddle we need to go through the tourist paths and technical terrain so be prepared. As we reach the saddle, we continue with a downhill along blue-market tourist path to the lower water reservoir and the forestry settlement Cierny Vah. Here we can find a former station of small forest railway.

In the of us is 17 kilometer uphill passage leading on a paved road forest roads and old asphalt. At the end we reach lowely meadow on the hill Panska Hola where we can take a rest or descent to village under to take a lunch (count with climb back then). We continue along the ridge of this hill and then follows descent to Valley Benkovo. We pass several cottages and at the mouth of the valley we reach old asphalt road. Here we turn left to get back to forest settlement Cierny Vah. Along lower water reservoir, where is also a possibility for fishing, we get back to Liptovsky Hradok and then Liptovsky Jan via a local paved roads.

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