Bike Route 17 – Iľanovská Valley and Hill Kúpeľ

Parameters: Length: 22 km. Ascent: 755 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB. Difficulty: 3. Estimated time: 2.5 hours. Start: Liptovsky Jan

This route is short but all the more interesting. However, it can be combined with another routes if you will not have enough.

From Liptovský Ján we get along a field road to Závažná Poruba and from there we enter the forest and ride down a forest path down to the village of Iľanovo. From here we continue through the Iľanovská Valley. Here we have an 8-kilometer climb, which starts with an asphalt road, then passes into a paved forest road and at the end we follow a hiking trail.

At the end of the climb we find ourselves on a Saddle “Pod Kúpeľom”. From here we continue down the green-marked tourist path to the Rakytovica Saddle. This is followed by a short climb and further along the green-marked tourist until the Liptovký Ján.

From the end of the Iľanovská Valley to Liptovský Ján, the route leads along hiking trails, so this route is recommended mainly for experiencet MTB cyclists, because it is technically demanding.

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