Bike Route 11 – Mountain Time Trial

Parameters: Length: 35 km. Elevation gain: 999 meters. Terrain: paved, unpaved, gravel. Recommended bike: MTB, gravel, trekking. Difficulty: 4. Estimated time: 3 hours. Start: Liptovský Ján.

This road will lead us through the whole Janska valley and show us all beauties and amazing views from the hills and saddles right behind the village of Liptovsky Jan. It has only 35 kilometers but from both peaks of this track we can continue to other near peaks and saddles. This route can serve us as a skeleton we can build on and extend its lenght to even more than 60 kms.

From Liptovsky Jan we continue through the Janska valley to Cottage “Pred Bystrou”. During the way we pass the crossroad with Stanisovska valley and Stanisovska cave where we can stop and take a guided tour or just buy some snack in the cottage. As we reach the cottage “Pred Bystrou” in front of us is a crossroads. We continue to the right and climb to our highest point of this track, neraly 1300 altitude meters. From this point we have awesome viewpoint on Rocky mountains “Ohniste” and there stone phenomenon Window “Okno” but also on other surrounding mountains.

After this 15 km ascent follows well-earned 5 km descent where we can relax and prepare to next 5 km ascent to the Svidovske saddle. The route is gravel and offers us amazing views on Rocky mountains and at the Janska valley. At the end of the climb we reach Svidovske saddle and on the meadow or in a tourist shelter we can enjoy amazing views on every side.

We have reached our second and last peak of this route and now follows only 11 km descent to village Liptovsky Jan. From the first peak of this route we can continue to Saddle Javorie and from the second peak – Svidovske saddle we can continue to Rocky mountains and to see “Okno”.

You can find these possibilities in our route collection.

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