Bike Route 1 – Through the Mountains to Villages Kráľova Lehota and Východná

Parameters: 60 km, Ascend: 1,439 metres, Terrain: paved, unpaded, gravel, Recommended Bicycle: MTB, gravel, Estimated time: 5 hours. Difficulty: 3, Start: Liptovský Ján

From the village we will go to the forest to former ski resort on Kaštielske Lazy. After the steep beginning we reach a former cottage ,formerly used to selling tickets on the ski lift. Few meters after on the crossroads we turn to the right (hint: there is a barrier). From here follows about seven kilometers long ascent to thhe top of the hill Kaštieľske Lazy.

At the end of the ascent is a road barrier and behind a crossroads. There we can continue to the right and get to the hill Smrekovice, but in the continuation of our route we turn left. Follows about 5 kilometers of descent, it is necessary to be careful, the road is full of large pits. At the crossroads in Vislavice we continue to the right and after a small ascent continues a 3 km descent to the village of Liptovská Porúbka. Here, be careful not to miss the turn. As soon as you get to the asphalt road, you will see a rotating area for buses, there you need to turn 180 ° right and continue back into the forest by the road on the left side.

After a while, a steep climb with a length of about 6 kilometers follows. The climb is quite steep and if you do not have good technique, get ready to push your bike. After the ascent, we will appear on the meadow, here we will turn left, cross the meadow after which follow a technically difficult descent. After the most difficult part of the descent, we join the gravel road and continue down the descent to the mouth of the Michalovská valley.

At the crossroads we turn right and then left, so you get to the main road no. 72. Here we turn right and after a few hundred meters turn left. Here we cross the bridge, watch out for the road barrier. We climb the forest road around 5 kilometers. On this road is a crossroads about a kilometer from the bridge. One road goes down and the other goes up, if you would like to go left to enjoy short downhill, you can do so, you will get to a new forest road, and you will climb the same hill from the other side via serpentines. This path seems more difficult and longer to me, but it’s up to you.

On the top of the hill, you continue for a while but at the first crossroads you go to the left, to the downhill. The forrest road to the right leads nowhere. But there is an interesting view, so if you have a time and you do not mind having to return, you can take a look. When you have decided to continue on the route, turn left. Follows a pleasant descent of about 7 kilometers down the Stará valley, be careful at the beginning, right after the turn, there is a road barrier. At the crossroads with the asphalt road we turn right and continue along the asphalt road straight to village Svarín. There is a crossroads at the end of the village. One way goes to the lower and the other to the upper reservoir (Water Electricity Plant). There should also be a road sign, but if not, we turn to the upper reservoir, i.e. to the left.

Follows 3-kilometer uphill on the asphalt road to the upper reservoir, which we will not get to, but if you want to look there. You have to continue by this asphalt route for about another 7 kilometers. To finish this route, you after 3 kilometers turn left to a gravel forest road. Be careful at the beginning there is a barrier again. Follows you about 5 kilometers descent to the railway station Východná. The station is located on your left side, so you turn left at it, cross the track and continue along the asphalt road to village Hybe.

In front of village Hybe, at the beginning we turn 2 times to the right and behind the highway bridge to the left. We continue with about 2 kilometers climb. At its top we turn left and go around the manure and continue along the field road, when we reach a tree (it stands there alone in the middle of the field). At the crossroads with a gravel road, we turn right and after about a kilometer to the left.

Via a field and later gravel roads we continue down to the village Dovalovo. From there we follow the main road to the crossroads at the castle, you will see it on your right hand side, here we turn left. We continue along this road to the village Podtúren. We ride along the main street to the municipal office, there is a swing bridge by the football pitch, we cross it, then turn right and to the left in front of the highway bridge. By the field road we get to Liptovský Ján.

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