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Liptov – interesting facts, attractions and tips for trips

Cheese, bryndza dumplings and beautiful nature. Not only this is the famous Liptov. This region is perfect for active recreation. It is surrounded by mountains on each side. It is bordered on the north by the Choč Mountains, on the south by the Low Tatras, on the east by the Western Tatras and on the west by the Great Fatra. Learn what you should definitely not miss during your trip.

Liptovská Mara
Liptovská Mara, the largest reservoir in Slovakia, is a paradise for tourists and fishermen. Liptov has been dominated for 40 years. 13 municipalities fell victim to it, and in order for it to emerge, almost 1,000 families had to find a new home. Its main purpose is flood protection, but it is most often used for leisure time. Here you can take a sightseeing boat trip, bathe, experience jet skiing and much more.

Lúčanské waterfall

The Lúčanské waterfall flows in the spa village of Lúčky near Ružomberok. It was created by the Lúčanka stream, which flows through the valley below Velký Choč. As one of the five waterfalls, it has been declared a national natural monument. A rarity is that this 12-meter cascading waterfall is located right in the center of the village. You can take a bath during the warm summer days in the pond that the waterfall creates below you. Of course, at your own risk.

Vrbické pleso

The largest natural lake in the Low Tatras, Vrbické Pleso, lies at an altitude of 1113 m. Pleso, which was formed by the action of a glacier, is easily accessible by hiking trails. Even small children or the elderly can manage the path to it. From Jasná in the Demänovská valley, the ascent takes approximately 15 minutes. Vrbické Pleso is a starting point for several hiking trails. From here you can take the blue route to the Demänovská Cave of Freedom or the yellow route to Tři vody and Sedlo Poľany.

Museum of the Liptov village in Pribylina

The Museum of the Liptov Village in Pribylina is one of the youngest open-air museums in Slovakia. It was opened to the public in 1991. It consists of historic houses, wooden houses and farm buildings. The dominant feature is a copy of the Church of the Virgin Mary and the Gothic-Renaissance chateau from Parížovice, the oldest manor house in Liptov. In the museum you can take a pleasant walk, learn more about the ancient life of people and ride on a historic train.

Bath in Liptovský Ján

Liptovský Ján is known for its many healing springs. However, one of them is extremely popular and popular with locals and tourists alike. No one will call a natural crater with a pool other than Kaďa. The water in it has demonstrably healing effects in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, female organs or rheumatic diseases. The high sulfur content of the water can cause slight stinging on the skin, but don’t worry, it won’t hurt. The water in the vat is approximately 20 ° C all year round, so you can enjoy its beneficial effects even in winter.

Cheren’s rock

If you long for a beautiful view of the Liptov landscape, but do not want to spend time all day hiking, be sure to go fishing for purse rock in Chočské vrchy. This place, unexplored by tourists, is also suitable for families with small children. If you park in an adjacent village, you can walk briskly on a rock in about half an hour.

Contact ZOO

If you are traveling to Liptov with children, be sure to stop at Kontakt ZOO in Liptovský Mikuláš. You can experience the animals in this zoo up close, pet or feed them. In addition, you will learn from the staff various interesting facts about animal life and even answers to questions that interest you. The zoo is open all year round and more than 400 animals await visitors.


Liptov hides a lot of interesting things. One of them is the open-air museum Havránok. It is the most important archeological site from the Celtic period in Slovakia. You will be thrilled by the renovated residential buildings, the sacrifice, the ceramic kiln and the ramparts with the gate. Havránok rises directly above Liptovská Mara, which you will have in the palm of your hand together with the surrounding nature.


The village of Vlkolínec has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1993. It lies in a beautiful natural environment as part of the Great Fatra National Park. You will find beautiful wooden architecture of mountain and foothill areas and a unique preserved development of log houses. The owners of several wooden houses allow you to book accommodation in them, which makes a visit to Vlkolínec even more unforgettable.

Park Mini Slovakia

Slovakia is known for being a culturally rich country. There are more than 30,000 historical monuments. You can see 18 of them in one place – in the Mini Slovensko park in Liptovský Ján. The models are in 1:25 scale. Authentic materials were used in their production. The largest model of the park is Bojnice Castle. In addition, you will find here, for example, Strečno Castle, Levoča Town Hall and the Walachia open-air museum.